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An in-depth look at Deco Sketch - by Shane Sheets


"I'm getting an error when I try to save an image?"

"I try to draw but nothing shows up?"

"When I try to draw, nothing appears and the canvas just moves around the screen?


Toggle Interface

Hides the interface enabling you to draw on the entire screen.


Contact info if you need support or have feedback.


Brings you to this page.

New Sketch

Clears the current design and removes any photos, if loaded, and starts a new composition.

Zoom & Pan

Toggles the zoom and pan mode allowing you to pinch to zoom and drag to pan. This is convenient for high resolution compositions where you'd like to add detail work.


Saves your image to the camera roll of your device.


This option is only availble in iOS 6 and Android. This provides a quick way to share the current design to Facebook, Twitter, Email or other applications. In iOS 6, you'll need to have your Facebook and Twitter accounts setup in the OS for these options to appear.


Brushes & Presets

Toggles the brush and presets menu.

Brush Options

Toggle the brush options and settings menu.

Color Options

Toggle the color options menu.

Erase Mode

Toggles Erase Mode allowing you to erase using the current brush and options settings.


Removes your last draw stroke. The number of Undo's is determined by the resolution of your composition.


Restores your last draw stroke.




Each brush has a number of preset settings associated with it. On smaller devices, swipe to reveal more. Selecting a preset will overwrite any custom brush options or settings in the options panel. Brush settings will retain if you select a new brush and don't select a preset.


Creates a 3-10 sided polygon allowing you to draw with triangles, squares, hexagons, pentagons, octagons etc. Change the new number of side using the "Polygon Brush Sides" slider in the options menu.

Radial Arcs

Continually creates a pie slice shape from the point you touch to the point you drag. Change the "Brush Size" setting in the options menu to adjust the radius of the pie slice. Try drawing on a circle to create a radial star effect.

Continuous Lines

This is a new tool that works differently than the other brushes. Tap and drag to draw a line and release to commit. Tap and drag again and the next line starts where your last line ended.

There are 2 buttons at the bottom left specific to this tool. The first one will draw a line to your starting point closing the shape. The second button allows you to start a new line.

To change the size of the circle plotted at the end of a line, adjust the "Brush Size" setting in the options menu. To remove the circle, set the "Brush Size" to 0. To fill in the circle, check off "Enable Brush Fill".

There is an additional setting in the options menu called "Dot Line Echo" that makes it act similar to the Radial Arcs and Radial triangles.

Radial Triangles

Continually creates a triangle from the point you touch to the point you drag. Change the "Brush Size" setting in the options menu to adjust the size of the triangle.

Circles Brush

Draws circles of course!

Deco Lines

Draws lines out from the touch point randomly choosing an angle rounded to 45 degrees.

Deco Squares

Continually creates rectangles from the point you touch to the point you drag. Try dragging, down, left and right to create a star like effect.

Rounded Lines

Draws lines with rounded ends.


Draws lines with flat ends.

Random Rectangles

Draws randomly sized rectangles from the left and right sides of your touch point.




Select the base hue of your color.

Saturation and Brightness

Drag up and down for Brightness and left to right for Saturation.

Color Swatches

Tap a color swatch to draw in that color or to change that color.

Color Palettes

Here you can choose a preset color palette to populate the 5 color swatches.

Background Color

Toggles the background color mode. Tapping the color swatches, Hue, Brightness and Saturation changes the background. Tap again to change the background color.

Color Cycling

If enabled, cycles between the 5 colors in the color palette each time you touch and draw a new stroke.

Color Sampling

Immediately samples colors from your photos as you draw matching the geometry color to your photo. Not available when sketching on a blank canvas.


Tap to enable eyedropper mode allowing you to sample a color from your photo to save to 1 of the 5 swatches. Tap again to disbale.




Brush Spacing

Sets brush stroke spacing.

Grid Snapping

Snaps your brush strokes to a grid. The higher the value the more spread out thestrokes will be.

Polygon Brush Sides

With the Polygon brush selected, this sets the number of sides form 3-10 so you can draw with a triangle, square, pentagon. hexagon and more.

Brush Opacity

Sets brush transparency. If "Draw speed affects brush opacity" is checked, this defines the maximum amount the opacity will be.

Brush Size

Sets brush size. If "Draw speed affects brush size" is checked, this defines the maximum size the shape will be or maximum length the line will be. If you're using the Radial Brush, this determines the pie angle based on percentage.

Brush Angle

Sets the brush angle.

Stroke Width

When drawing with line brushes or outlined shapes, this slider sets the width of the stroke. If "Draw speed affects stroke size" is checked, this defines the maximum amount the stroke will be.

Photo Opacity

Sets the opacity of the photo if one is loaded.

Enable Brush Fill

If checked, fills the brush shape. When unchecked, draws the shape as an outline.

Draw speed affects brush opacity

The brush opacity increases based on how fast you draw.

Draw speed affects brush size

The brush size increases based on how fast you draw.

Draw speed affects stroke size

The brush outline increases based on how fast you draw.

Draw angle determines brush angle

The brush angle is determined by the path of your stroke.

Random brush angle

The brush angle changes randomly as you draw.

Dot Lines Echo

Makes the Continous Line tool act similar to the Radial Arcs and Radial triangles.